Export readiness assessment

Export readiness assessment (ERA)

Global markets open their own gates towards free flow of goods and services, investment and other economic activities and eliminate obstacles which is in front of trading that were available in the past and decrease wide range of communication tools, time effect , distance in business transaction.

Extensive developments change nature of economic activity in various fields noticeably and market is apt for any business activities. Meanwhile, taking advantage of this ready space for international trading needs promotion of exporter's ability.

One of the most important actions in this field is measuring the readiness of companies for effective entry into global market.

Kavir Negin International Export Management Company helps its customer to reach reliable export market with full potential with usage of Export readiness assessment model (ERA) compared to standard evaluation.

Please complete and submit the following initial assessment form carefully and send to era@bknco.ir.

It should be noted that providing definitive and conclusive results are subordinate to expert examination of documents and complementary items that you will notified by relevant expert.