organizational charter

Organizational charter of the International Kavir Negin commercial company




International Kavir Negin international company operates internationally, it plays constructive role for improving the quality level with innovation, creativity and teamwork in production, import and export of various products, adhering to the rules of modern trade and respect to domestic and foreign beneficiary, competitors and environmental protection. The company proves its effectiveness on the world class with full of flexibility in confrontation of change. We play a significant role in promoting the International Kavir Negin company’s position, leading the domestic market and presence in international markets with continuous innovation, intelligent ways, relying on the merits of human resources and focus on profits of beneficiary.

Organizational mission

Customers are our main employer rightfully, we are responsible for all those who use our products and services. Our level of technology is as same as good domestic companies and institutions. We update ourselves with new technologies yearly. Our goal is continuation of the company’s activities, legitimate and fair profitability which affect positively on world direct or indirect. We follow adjusting profit rate with survival of the company.

We believe in “treat everyone, like you want to be treated” and know it is not possible for company to make a profit without thinking in favor of the other party with the many complexities that have arisen in the global business arena.

We are trying to be tenacious in order to preserve natural resources and the environment by effectively preventing environmental pollution and expansion of greenway.

Work charter

Maintaining and expanding share of domestic and international market due to attention and promotion of Kavir Negin position through:

Using innovation ideas in creating and improving presented options (improving quality, price and packaging) to customers in order to gaining their satisfaction as the most important partners.

Taking advantage of market and product development strategies and market penetration, in particular, homogeneous diversity in product creation with the aim of distinguishing it from competitors and promoting auditing and improving organizational processes and efforts to grow and enhance organizational culture and knowledge levels of employees through continuing education. Strengthening marketing sector in order to carry out activities such as market research, distribution strategy, pricing, promotion and improvement of the company’s products and customer satisfaction assessment.

Strengthen research and innovation, prioritize goals such as creating right opportunities for quick access to modern technology, establishing strategic relationships with reputable research centers inside and outside of country, training of manpower.

Focus and deepening businesses in which we have a competitive advantage, increasing domestic and international markets and discovering hidden market.

Ethical charter

The most basic principles of the company are honesty, trustworthiness, and respect for competitors, respect for the interests of competitors in increasing competitive markets, responsiveness, responsibility and respect to human dignity.

Respect for all domestic and international regulations that do not conflict with known and certain moral and human principles and with our strategies and vision. Great sensitivity and attention in selecting and hiring worthy employees and highlighting the principles of meritocracy and equality of opportunity and right to promotion, ineffectiveness of ethnic, family , friendship, nationality, race, language, religion, ideological beliefs and even gender (in jobs where gender plays an equal role).

There is a lot of focus on training at all levels, empowering all elements of the organization to create principles of job security and moving towards productivity and benefit them, putting right, loyal and effective people in organizational post. Creating full empathy among all employees by reducing unnecessary communication and respect for the principle of organizational hierarchy.