export management

Export Management


Export Management company is an independent company that overtake export unit duties in front of a formal contract. It is responsible for creating long-term relationship between manufacturer and consumer.

Whatever distinguishes this company from other commercial companies is obligation from the prohibition of possibility of purchase, beside exit mediation area.

An export management company is committed to continuous planning towards creation, maintenance, expansion and consolidation of export market products.  Moreover, provide revenue from the sales share in the export market. (It should be noted that several methods are definable for determining share that is out of question in this article)

Briefly, Duties of an export management company are divided into two parts:

The first part:

Including conduct research and export target market studies due to discover information, ways with the least risk of entry and provide professional advice to manufacturer in order to make a better decision in budgeting and export-oriented production.

The second part:

Including use of your facilities and appropriate resources or other business parties in the supply chain of goods until reaching the consumer and continuous market situation assessment with scientific methods and provide appropriate feedback to the manufacturer in order to adaptation to the changes and threats of competitors. Maintenance, consolidation and expansion of market share for manufacturer which is the most important part in export management company duties.

Nowadays, export management company make a significant contribution to the development of the geographic market with use of accumulation of resource facilities, furthermore, reduce export costs significantly.


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