The most prominent past and recent activities of our company


1. Exclusive Import agent of Golin Tashi Gilda in Turkey (producer of any type of non-gas drinks and various sauces) (2013 until now)

2. Exclusive sales agent of pre-filter evasion in Rafe center (2015 until now) (Registered invention for separation of silica particles from the air entering the engine)

3. Exclusive agent of sales and exports of Diba Pazhoohan Sabz engineering company products (knowledge base) 2015 until 2017

4. Sole agent for the sale of Sitek herbal disposable container in 4 province of country and exclusive export agent (2013 until 2015)

5. 5.Exporter of greenhouse products such as sweet peppers and tomato with the unique feature of health (2014-2016)

6. Representative of Trian Partzz company in Sweden (2016) (producer and repairer of all types of wagon springs

7. Imports of spare part of cars and tires (2013 until now)

8. Export Agent of Aran Gas Company (2017-2018)

9. Joint investment in reconstruction, equipping and exploitation of Epik Yulu Complex in Adana, Turkey (2017)

10. Conducting market research project for Tabiat Sabz Company in Kenya and Syria (2016-2017)

11. Conducting market research project for Ide Pardazan Novin Company (Spadana Creativity Academy) and export of product to Iraq (2017-2018)

12. Conducting market research and export of Rafe Spadana company products to Oman and Iraq (2016)

13. Conducting market research and preparing export bulletin related to Oman for Isfahan Chamber of Commerce International Relations.

14. Conducting market research and export cooperation with Payam Sanat Sepahan on exporting products to Iraq (2018)

15. Conducting market research and consulting on exporting products to Turkey. (2019)

16. Market research and development of part of Isfahan Crystal and glass product in Iraqi Kurdistan. (2019)

17. Market development of Steel Company product portfolio to Pakistan country mutually (2019 until now)

18. Conducting market research and sole export agent of Asia profile company products (Export Management) (2018)

19. Consultant and executor of Export Services Bureau at Growth center of Islamic Azad university- Najaf Abad Branch (2019 until now)

20. Consultant and Mentor in Export Accelerator of Isfahan chamber of commerce (2019 until now)

21. Export management services development of consultant with national polymer association of Iran (2019 until now)

22. Board of Directors of Isfahan Exporter Association (2019 until now)